Vote for Change
My 2 cents on the 2020 election, and of course an ode to the amazing Robert Indiana, the creator of the iconic LOVE sculpture (a global symbol for hope in 1960s) and Obama’s “HOPE” presidential campaign (2008). He once said “I’d like to cover the world with hope” and with sculptures popping up all over the world he did just that. Sadly Indiana died in 2018, but I think if he were here he would have felt his voice was needed more urgently than ever.

My design uses “VOTE” this time (as he did himself in 1976) and aims to encourage voting in the upcoming US election. I wanted the message to be vibrant, to sing with colour and positivity for the future. There is still hope, but we need to make very bold decisions regarding the environment. America needs a leader that is more focused on global issues than their own twitter feed! 

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